New Look Bomber Jacket

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Here’s a look to the stuff I loved this October.
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New Look Bomber Jacket
(similar here!)

New Look Bomber Jacket

I once – not that long ago – swore that I would not buy a bomber jacket. Well, this is how that turned out.

I adore the material and color of this jacket – it’s more of a grey-ish olive green with a beautiful sheen. It also has a texture to it that makes it a little more sophisticated in my eyes, even though it’s just a classic bomber. Also love the golden zipper!

Vila Camel Coat
(almost exactly the same as this one)

Vila Coat

Vila Coat

After donating two of my old spring and fall coats, I grabbed this on sale a few months ago, already in August I think. I was already eyeing these belted kind of coats last spring, but didn’t come across a perfect fit and color.

The camel color is beautiful and goes with most of my wardrobe. Love the combination of ankle boots, jeans and a simple t-shirt with this coat.

Bath & Body Works Sugared Cinnamon Doughnut Candle

Bath & Body Works Scented Candle

The Bath and Body Works candles are HUGE, so despite wanting to buy one, I decided to skip lugging one in my suitcase all the way from Dubai.

The store at Dubai Mall didn’t have these smallest candles out on display, but I asked for this size and they actually did have three choices of scents. Leaves was the other contender based on its scent, but I wanted something sweet and this one checked that box. The size is perfect and the cap screws on.

I’ve been burning this one for the past two days and the scent could not be more true to its name. Literally it smells exactly like a sugared cinnamon doughnut. Would not buy many of these because of the price – you’re literally burning away money, but this small one was a little treat since I’ve been wanting to try one. Also, wouldn’t burn more than one at a time and mix the scents, the scent of one is strong enough!


We tend to go to the movies every week in Dubai, because tickets are very affordable compared to Finland and the cinema right next to us is never crowded except on weekends. I spent almost a month in Dubai this time, and we saw four movies – in addition to Sully, we went to see the Storks, the Magnificent Seven and Girl on the Train.

Sully was my favorite by far. It was very touching and a great reminder of what kind of professionals there are out in the sky, taking care of us going on our adventures. Besides, if you remember the Miracle on Hudson from 2009, that’s what it was – a miracle. Hope Tom Hanks never stops acting!

Crazy Rich Asians & China Rich Girlfriend

These two books are perfect if you are looking for a funny and entertaining read that also sheds light to a world that you have probably never even imagined – the richest of the rich in Asia.

These stories probably have more than a little bit of truth to them, which is just mind-blowing. I love reading this kind of stuff that is somewhere between fact and fiction, and opens a world I know nothing about – in these books, of the über-wealthy Asians. Enjoyed both books a lot, and learned very handy Chinese catch phrases (ie. cursing).

MAC Lipstick, Velvet Teddy

MAC Lipstick Velvet Teddy

I have recently been super into lip products like every single person on this planet. I had my make-up done for a party in September and asked for the MUA to pick me a perfect nude lipstick with matte finish.

She picked this and for the make-up look paired with Bobbi Brown’s Lip Pencil in Nude, which was a pinky brown and waaaaay more brown for what I am used to. The look turned out beautiful, even though I was kind of hesitant about the lip.

After that I’ve used Velvet Teddy on a daily basis with a more pink lip liner and I love the combo. This lipstick is like my own lip color, but better.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick, Bombshell

HudaBeauty Liquid Matte Bombshell

Turns out I didn’t score just one but two perfect nude lip colors in the last month or so!  Now this stuff is sought after in the UAE, lemme tell ya… These run out constantly and I had to battle a three-deep crowd just to score this from Sephora at Dubai Mall on a Friday night. I’m not even kidding!

Based on pictures I swatched this and Venus at Sephora, but Venus was too brown for me and this was just perfect. The shade is very similar to Velvet Teddy, the product itself of course different, a lipstick vs. a liquid.

The finish is totally matte and requires more precision and prepping than a basic lipstick. I exfoliate my lips and moisturize them well before applying this. After the lip balm has sunk in, I apply just one, thin layer of this after lining the lips and filling them in. This stuff will suck the life out of your lips if they’re dry, and look very unflattering as well. It stays put pretty well, but if the application is too thick, it will wear off more easily.

Thanks for reading and have a great beginning of November!

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