Quay Australia All my Love, Tiffany Co. Key pendant

In the spring and early summer I used to do my favorites in a form of a weekly wrap-up (click the weekly wrap-up keyword at the bottom of this post), but I kind of wanted to make this a more random and spontaneous thing instead of a weekly list. Also, I haven’t written about beauty products before, but since I love testing them out and basically just using them, I want to include them as well.

So, here are my current favorites, i.e. the stuff I end up reaching for every day. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Quay Australia “All My Love” sunglasses
Love Quay sunglasses like every other person at the moment. They are affordable, quirky and fun with new collections and collaborations coming out frequently. I’m not a trendy person but sunglasses are such an easy way to update a look. This pair is so pretty and I love the mirrored lenses. They’re also very light compared to my Karen Walker ones.

Tiffany & Co. Key necklace (similar)
This was a gift and such a special one. I wear none to very little jewelry, but I love having this one close to my heart. 🙂

Bath & Body Works PocketBac

Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer
The first thing I do when coming home is wash my hands. I’m not OCD with bacteria, but I absolutely hate touching door handles and hand rails in public transportation, not even mentioning airplanes. Having an antibacterial hand gel  helps to get rid of that yucky feeling if it’s not possible to wash my hands right away.

Bath & Body Works has great promotions in the UAE, and I just picked up five of these for 50 dhs, which is roughly 12 euros. The scents are yummy which doesn’t hurt! I have one in pretty much in every bag.

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist

Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes Fragrance Mist
Wait – now that I started to look at the bottle more closely, is this a Christmas scent? The packaging sure makes it look like a Christmas edition or something, but oh well, it smells so good!

The only downside to fragrance mists is that they don’t last as long as perfumes do. Why I use fragrance mists is because perfumes are so incredibly expensive nowadays, I just can’t justify to buy many. These are an easy way to add variety, especially when I got them at B&B W in a buy one, get one free promotion! (I know, I’m such a cheap grandma.)

Urban Decay Naked Basics

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette
There’s a ton of these Naked palettes and a huge hype every time one comes out, and I don’t really wonder why!I was missing these basic shades in my makeup collection, so this is a very handy option.

All of the shades are matte except for “Venus” on the far left. “W.O.S.” is my favorite base shade and I also use the black shade a lot. Would love to get one of the other Naked palettes too, but so far MAC singles and this palette have covered my eyeshadow needs.

Urban Decay eyeshadows are great quality, but their Primer Potion is pure magic. If I try to wear eyeshadow without priming my lids first, I can promise you the shadow will be gone in five blinks. If you have the same issue, try it and your life won’t be the same anymore.

First add the primer, then fix it in place with loose translucent powder (currently using this one). I have used the Primer Potion for the last 10 years and haven’t found that would do the job as well as it does. Just sayin’!

Urban Decay Naked Basics

MAC Powder Blush, Harmony
A matte powder blush I use for contouring. Had my makeup done at the MAC counter a while ago and the makeup artist used this for contouring. I had been looking for a great contour shade since they seem to be mostly orange or too dark, but this one is great even for the winter when my skin gets pale. Also, I don’t like very strong contour so this one does the trick well. It’s a neutral shade and has no shimmer.

Cheeky Freeze Frame Make Up Setting Spray
I used a few bottles of MAC Fix+ for setting my makeup before this, but being the cheap grandma we already established I am, I wanted to try a more afforable option so picked this up from Feelunique.

Due to the extreme heat and humidity here in Dubai, it holds its own pretty well but not perfectly. Used with a primer and a loose powder it works well enough, since I don’t want my makeup to be completely matte, I just want it not to slide away from my face. This is a good option to consider if you don’t want to splurge on a finishing spray.

Carmex Lip Balm

Before they started selling Carmex jars in Finland, I had to hunt them down online or when I was travelling. I have used this stuff for over a decade and even though I (tirelessly, I might add) keep trying to find an alternative, no other lip balm comes close to the classic. Like the PocketBacs, I have these in most of my purses.

Ööloom Eye Mask

Ööloom Eye Mask
If this is not the cutest eye mask you have ever seen, I am amazed. These are handmade in Estonia, see the whole cute collection at their website. I got my giraffe eye mask this spring when it started to get so light at night I couldn’t sleep.

Before I’ve never had trouble with sleeping throughout the night even in the light summer nights, but apparently with work stress and getting older it’s not that easy anymore. The giraffe saved my beauty sleep and is the perfect companion for flights as well.

Here is a bunch of my favorites from this summer. If you have any new favorite stuff or products, don’t forget to let me know in the comments! 🙂