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I’m definitely not someone who follows trends closely or would have new clothes for every season. Actually, quite the opposite.

As you’ve seen in my outfit pictures, I pretty much rotate the same key pieces whatever the season. The winter in Finland of course is in a league of its own when it comes to arctic weather conditions, so that’s a different story. But from spring through summer to fall, you’ll see me wearing the same pieces.

This is why I try to only buy stuff that I love and pieces that are easy to wear and combine. I love to pick up a little accessory every now and then and when the new season is coming up. It’s a small investment but it will spice things up and help me find new inspiration to use my trusty old clothes. 🙂

Here’s a few teeny-tiny pieces I love this fall. They’re all under $50!

I haven’t really written about makeup so far, but like for most of us ladies, it’s part of a daily routine and it’s exciting to try new stuff. I love the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette (in the middle) for everyday makeup. It does exactly what it promises, and the neutrals are great with most skin tones and eye colors.

A Beauty Blender or a similar makeup sponge (the pink one) is something you HAVE TO try, if you haven’t yet. It will change your life. I own an affordable one by Real Techniques and use it every single day.

You can probably tell by looking at the products above, that I love neutral scarves and beanies, but quirky little accessories that have something fun about them. I’m such a sucker for cute things, I’m not going to lie. If I had an iPhone, I would need to have that donkey piñata phone case. It makes me want to cry a little that it’s not available for my phone.

I have a confession regarding the Quay Australia sunglasses on the bottom right. I am waiting for a similar pair to be delivered any day now. Oops! Actually they are my new accessory find for the fall season, so I can check that off my list.

They are affordable, cute, quirky and they have a ton of new collections coming out all the time. Check them out if you already haven’t!



  1. I love the urban decay potion for eyeshadow! I had a friend introduce it to me and it is hands down my favorite. I love that llama phone case!

    1. You’re right, UD Primer Potion is the best and the only thing that makes my eyeshadow stay put. I probably have like the 5th tube at the moment. Llamas are so cute, my biggest dream is probably to have a piñata for my birthday haha!

  2. Next time you visit the US, we are having a pinata party for you! I use the primer potion as a eyeshadow because it is shimmery. I have the matte finished one too. I love them both so much!!

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