#MonthlyGold LINKUP – JULY

Berlin Zoo

It’s the first of July, so time for the #MonthlyGold linkup! You can find my goals for June here, let’s do a quick recap.

Make the most of my trip to Berlin
Check! Had an amazing week thanks to the lovely people I got to meet and spend time with. I didn’t completely fall in love with the city, but enjoyed exploring like always.

Plan my meals and eat more healthy
Well this was not a huge success… Let’s just say that in Berlin we ate every two hours and I was introduced to cheese and bacon-filled croissants. Enough said.

Take breaks
Managed this pretty well, I’m proud of myself! It has to be a conscious effort, though. If I didn’t decide on taking a break beforehand, I ended up skipping it.

Visit the Helsinki Archipelago
Check! Visited the Suomenlinna sea fortress, so had a good start.

Will be short and sweet. My holiday from work will begin on the second week of July, yay!

So excited for this! I’m kicking off my vacation with a little getaway to Rome. More on that later!

Enough said. We will be moving by the end of July and I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of this stuff. Even the thought of packing freaks me out…

What kind of plans do you have for July? I would love to read about your summer plans!

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4 thoughts on “#MonthlyGold LINKUP – JULY

  1. Have a wonderful time in Rome! Glad you enjoyed Berlin!
    I am hoping to eat more healthy this next month too. It’s hard with traveling, but I always feel better once I really stick with it

    1. Hi Elena!
      Thank you, I had a great time!
      It’s so had to stick with some things initially, but it will get easier with time. Good luck with your goals!

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