Hermes Wanderland Dubai Mall

If I have to have both cold and hot food on the same plate, they should not get mixed into each other.
Also, I will eat the salad first, then the hot food.

I don’t like watching movies or tv shows where an animal dies.
This originates from (a very teary) movie night when we watched Red Dog.

Hermes Wanderland Dubai Mall

Hermes Wanderland Dubai Mall

I’ve never broken a bone.

When seeing a dog on the street, I always say hi to him in my head.
Seeing any animal makes me happy.

Hermes Wanderland Dubai Mall

I wish had creative talent.
I’m really bad at drawing, singing and playing anything. I would love to be able to sing.

You would be surprised how much I know about cars.
(The result of many Top Gear episodes.) I also have the license to drive a commercial truck, the big kind.

My go-to breakfast is oatmeal with cottage cheese and blueberries.

I’m addicted to Spotify.
One of best ways to spend 10 euros per month!

Hermes Wanderland Dubai Mall

Hermes Wanderland Dubai Mall

Pictures from the Hermès Wanderland exhibition.


2 thoughts on “RANDOM FACTS

  1. I do the same thing with food. Additionally, I have to eat one item until it is done. I almost always eat the main dish last. I don’t like my food super hot so my theory is that I do it so I don’t have to hassle blowing on my food. My dad keeps commenting on it so I try to sample the food, but it doesn’t always work.

    I learned quickly in Mexico that you can’t and don’t want to pet the dogs. A lot of them are wild.

    Also, the big truck thing sounds like a good story!

    1. YES! I do the same, I prefer the food a little cold than having to blow on it.
      I don’t want to pet stray dogs, but I will talk to them regardless 🙂

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