Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet, “the empty mountain” is located on the border of UAE and Oman in Al Ain. Its highest peak is at 1249 metres, and you can get almost all the way to the top by car – of course! The mountain, along with Al Ain Zoo was the main attraction on our brief dayRead more


Al Ain

This past week… Has been an array of emotions. It’s been stressful and a struggle, but there has been plenty of happy moments. Well, there is a balance in there somewhere… Still, there’s a lot I should have done so the ever-present feeling of inadequacy says hi! I’ve felt happy and proud for my friends.Read more


Iitti Lake Sunset

Here in Finland Vappu – the first of May – marks the end of winter and the transition to the warm season. The summer here is short, and everyone literally spends the following months outside if the weather is warm and sunny. It’s as if we’re all loading our batteries in the sun for theRead more