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Hope you have had a great week! I’m probably repeating myself, but I feel like the past week has just flown by. Time for the weekly wrap-up!

MY FAVORITE PURCHASE was this Edblad scented candle. I love candles and I’m trying to make the most of the candle-burning season there is left this spring. I won’t burn candles in the summer, that would be too weird because it really doesn’t get dark here before August. Then it’s luckily a good time to start again!

Edblad Scented Candle

WHAT MADE ME FEEL LIKE BLAH was the lack of exercise. I only exercised twice this week, if you don’t count in yoga. I really need to get back on my gym routine next week.

THE HAPPIEST MOMENTS were the ones I shared with friends. This week and also last week I have been lucky to see friends I don’t get to see on a weekly basis. It has felt good for my soul, let me tell you.

On Wednesday we went for dinner to The Mess, one of the newest restaurants in Helsinki. The interior was really hip and reminded me of a school cafeteria. Couldn’t really decide if the feeling was positive or negative. The main thing was that the food was really good. We had a lot to discuss, so we headed for after dinner drinks down the street at Lilla e, the bar at Lilla Roberts.

The Mess Helsinki Dinner

The Mess Helsinki Dinner

The Mess Helsinki Dessert

Bar Lilla e Whisky Sour

Bar Lilla e Lilla Roberts

THE YUMMIEST FOOD was a truffle and mushroom risotto and the rocky road I had for dessert at The Mess. The amount of cheese in the risotto, oh gosh. I almost fell down from my chair. My friend had a yummy-looking meringue and pineapple dish for dessert, but I was able to fight the food envy because the rocky road was amazing, too.

WHAT I DIDN’T REALLY UNDERSTAND was how people have already left their socks at home? There has been an enormous amount of ankle showing on the streets, as well as people wearing flats and no socks. Don’t get me wrong, I hate to wear socks too and will leave them out as soon as I can, but what’s wrong with you, people? It’s still cold!

NEXT WEEK I’ll be looking for more signs of spring. I saw some frogs on my walk yesterday, so it must officially be getting warm.

Tämä viikko on mennyt jälleen hurjaa vauhtia. Kiva, että on tekemistä!

VIIKON PARASTA ANTIA on ehdottomasti ollut ystävien kanssa vietetty aika. Keskiviikkona kävimme muutama viikko sitten Pienelle Roobertinkadulle avautuneessa The Messissä, joka sisustukseltaan muistutti trendikästä kouluruokalaa. Ruoka oli herkkua! Söin sieni-tryffelirisoton ja jälkkäriksi rocky roadin, ja molemmat olivat todella hyviä. Koska juttua riitti, jatkoimme vielä katua alas Lilla Robertsin Lilla e-baariin.

VIIKON LEMPIOSTOS oli Fredan Dotsista lahjaostosten lomassa löytämäni Edbladin tuoksukynttilä. Tuoksuvaihtoehdot olivat ihania ja hintakaan ei ollut järjetön. Tykkään polttaa kynttilöitä pitkälle kevääseen. Kesällä se tuntuu vähän turhalta, kun on muutenkin valoisaa. Elokuun pimeiden iltojen tullen on sitten taas hyvä aika.

Varmat kevään merkit ovat ilmassa, sen todistivat eilen kävelyllä bongaamani sammakot. Aion skarpata myös liikunnan suhteen alkavalla viikolla, vaikka ei tämä viikkokaan ihan penkin alle mennyt. Pyöräytetään siis uusi viikko käyntiin keväisissä fiiliksissä!


2 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP pt. 3

  1. That candle looks awesome! I like scented candles, too, especially if they’re in my favorite scents: woodsy vanilla, cinnamon, or lavender. Like you, I need to get back into working out again…all of the visa stuff left me constantly feeling exhausted and unmotivated. How long have you been doing yoga?

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks for your comment 🙂
      Scented candles are awesome for relaxation, I like the atmosphere candles create.
      I have been doing yoga for 1,5 years now, sometimes more and sometimes less. I know, when there’s hassle and something that takes up your mind it easily affects exercise motivation. We can do it!

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