My Travel Essentials

Let’s face it – even though traveling is one of the best things in the world, sometimes the hours on different vehicles of transportation just feel LONG. I’m guessing we all have travel essentials we don’t leave on a trip without – the little details that make the journey as comfortable as possible. See mineRead more


Dubai Sunset

I’m back in balmier climates and beyond happy. There’s a week of sunny adventures ahead! There are so many things I’ve planned for us to do in Dubai and the surrounding area. Many of these options are affordable and won’t break the bank, but there’s a few splurges too. Who knows, maybe we’ll check somethingRead more


Helsinki Architecture

Hi and happy Sunday! It’s been amazing waking up to blue skies almost every morning this week. The days here in Helsinki are already almost 15 hours long! The sun will rise before 6 am, and if doesn’t set until almost 9 pm. I walked around my favorite area yesterday, taking pictures of the incredibleRead more